TOTO washlets represent the last word in bathroom sophistication

Whether you are seeking to achieve the perfect bathroom for a domestic property or a commercial setting, it is often the smallest touches that make the greatest difference. One brand that we supply, TOTO, makes that especially clear with its WASHLET technology that combines unparalleled levels of convenience, cost-effectiveness and hygiene.

What makes TOTO washlets a vital addition to your bathroom

Few people have ever sat on a toilet offering greater luxury than that provided by TOTO washlets. The technology is characterised by a unique wand that helps to bring standards of personal hygiene to a new level. Instead of inefficient and costly toilet paper, warm water is used, providing the most impeccable clean, making it environmentally friendly too.

The temperature and flow of TOTO washlets can be adjusted by remote control, while the wand self-cleans before and after each use. For maximum efficiency, users can easily activate the energy-saving mode.

You would struggle to find a more refined example of 21st-century toilet technology, with every aspect – right down to the angle at which the water flows – having been carefully considered to ensure the best results and the finest experience for every user of your bathroom.

TOTO is one of the most renowned bathroom brands today

TOTO is a much-loved Japanese sanitary ware brand that has been synonymous with bathroom innovation since it was established in 1917. Despite celebrating its centenary this year, the brand is in many ways only just being discovered by many of Europe’s most discerning householders, hotels, and business owners, with TOTO washlets very much at the forefront of its rise to prominence.

More than 40 million TOTO washlets have been sold across the world to date – and the latest WASHLET technology continues to incorporate the intricate touches that have helped to make it a go-to option for so many bathroom owners around the globe.

The toilet seat, for example, can be adjusted to your individual preferences, but also warms itself even before you sit down – and then when you get up again, it automatically switches to an energy-saving mode that keeps the heat setting to a minimum. An air purifier also keeps the air around the toilet fresh both during and after use, and once the user has been cleansed by the warm water jet, the adjustable dryer leaves them feeling fresh and clean.

Contact Prestige Bathrooms about all things TOTO

These are just some of the technologies that have contributed to TOTO’s burgeoning reputation in this part of the world. To find out more about the TOTO products that could be most relevant and suitable for your own West London bathroom, simply call the Prestige Bathrooms team today.



Duravit and the Duravit products from Prestige Bathrooms Ltd.

When it comes to finding the right fixtures and fittings for your new bathroom, it can be difficult to know which brands to consider. All seem to offer something unique – whether it is superior quality, the latest innovations or affordability – but very few bring together all three.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we are proud stockists of the Duravit range. To aid you in your journey to finding the right bathroom manufacturer for your next installation, we have listed just some of the benefits of Duravit.

German know-how and quality

Founded in 1817, Duravit has 200 years’ experience in the bathroom manufacturing industry.

Bringing together its German expertise and philosophy of quality design, Duravit works with famed architects and designers such as Philippe Starck to create beautiful bathroom fittings that can truly transform your home.

Duravit’s acclaimed bathroom products are manufactured at the brand’s state-of-the-art facility in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Germany, drawing upon the most innovative technology.

Placing emphasis on the utmost sophistication and sustainability, Duravit's latest line-up is centred on smooth edges, comfort and convenience.

A wide range of high-calibre bathroom products

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about Duravit is its wide range of bathroom products, which enables you to kit out your entire bathroom in a single, cohesive style.

Indeed, the brand offers everything that you could need to perfect your bathroom, ranging from baths, vanity units, storage cabinets, bidets and mirrors to wall-hung, floor-mounted and close coupled toilets.

With the likes of basins, shower enclosures, steam cabinets and mirror cabinets – some with Bluetooth – also available, you may never need to turn to any brand other than Duravit for equipping your bathroom with the complete set of essential products and furniture.

Thanks to its innovative eye, Duravit offers products such as the SensoWash shower toilet, which can be used to bring your home into the 21st century. Such a product, which also features a remote control, offers superior hygiene, while the brand’s toilets are also now available rimless, which further aids hygiene. Meanwhile, Duravit’s state-of-the-art whirlpool systems can further help add that luxurious touch.

Duravit’s bathroom furniture products can also be specified in any of a vast range of colour and finish options, meaning that you really do have the utmost control over exactly how your bathroom looks.

Choose only the most reputable supplier

We stock the entire Duravit range here at Prestige Bathrooms. With our broad range of attractive units and accessories for your bathroom, you can give your home a complete makeover.

What is more, we can also recommend and supply a range of accessories from other manufacturers that can be used in harmony with the Duravit range.

For example, you may choose to pair your Duravit fittings from the Starck 1, 2 and 3 ranges with our contemporary Hansgrohe chrome brassware products, guaranteed to give a high-standard finish to your new bathroom.

If you are in the market for a gorgeous new bathroom, why look any further than Prestige Bathrooms and the complete assortment of acclaimed Duravit products that we can supply? Simply talk to our team today about how we can cater to your most specific requirements for your next bathroom. 



How quality accessories can add practicality and accentuate your bathroom’s décor

It isn’t just the bath, basin and shower that ‘make’ your West London bathroom. When designing your dream bathroom, you also have to take all of the smaller details into consideration.

With the right accessories, you can keep your bathroom cleaner for longer, bring some striking finishes into your décor and provide yourself with practical storage space into the bargain.

Practical and stylish sink and bath accessories

We stock soap dispense, shaving equipment holders, shower baskets and other practical receptacles created with both strength and design in mind. Leaving your toiletries lying around can ruin the look of your bathroom. It doesn’t matter how well you coordinate your bathroom’s design - loose toilet rolls, toothbrushes and shavers will make it look shabby.

We supply fixtures from Keuco, Dornbracht, Samuel Heath, Gessi, Vola and many others that are ideal for placing soap, shampoo and other toiletries for easy access.

You can even emphasise minimalist chic with some understated toilet roll holders. Prestige Bathrooms stocks paper dispensers that fit into the wall to create the appearance of a mirrored chrome panel.

Attractive shower accessories

Why not complement your shower with some efficient fixtures that are going to add to the vibe of your bathroom?

Our range of stylish Samuel Heath shower accessories gives users a convenient area to place soaps and gels. These accessories designs utilise a chrome construction that gives them a distinct shine while remaining waterproof and strong. In addition, the triangular shape saves space while adhering to a modern motif.

You can even add some functionality to your bathroom just outside the shower with a towel rail. We stock a wide variety of attractive towel rails from a plethora of high-quality brands, such as Duravit, Bisque, Miller and Zehnder.

Bring modern chic to your home with Prestige Bathrooms

We can provide a vast array of attractive fittings and accessories for your bathroom, plus some amazing contemporary shower and bath designs to help give your bathroom a complete modern makeover.

Prestige Bathrooms has a strong pedigree in the provision of bathroom fixtures that will help to ensure your West London home emanates contemporary charm. Contact us today to learn more about our available brands and services.


Contemporary brands and elegant designs available from Prestige Bathrooms

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we bring our customers only the highest standard of contemporary design when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Everything we stock, from our showers and baths to our basins and accessories, come from respected and desirable brands such as Dornbracht, Gessi, Villeroy & Boch, Kaldewei and many more.

Regardless of what kind of look you’re going for, we have something that will bring your bathroom together and provide contemporary flair to your home.

Gorgeous, functional basins from Dansani

Across all of our available brands are many fantastic modern basin designs, from Alape’s contemporary steel column washstands and basins to Duravit’s compact Starck 3 range.

Dansani provides basin and storage solutions for your bathroom to help keep it as free from clutter as possible. These pristine white or glass basins come positioned over sets of drawers with separate compartments for efficiently storing your toiletries without compromising the look of your bathroom.

High-quality Dornbracht accessories

It’s the little details that can tie your décor together, and Dornbracht has a vast array of brassware that can accentuate the modern charm of your bathroom.

Some of our Dornbracht basin taps come with slender, curving designs and others sport sharper features, but each design is timeless due radiant thanks to a durable finish.

Stylish, minimalist designs with Kaldewei

Kaldewei has a great range of open-plan walk-in showers that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom. One of our featured Kaldewei designs is the Platto, which has a circular base to make your shower look like a small, immaculate white podium.

To bring a more traditional look to your bathroom, we supply brands with a selection of attractive cubicle style showers, such as Villeroy & Boch and Simpsons. However, to introduce more modern chic to your home, you can’t go wrong with an open-plan style shower from Matki.  

We also supply a collection of this brand’s amazing Steel baths, with subtle curves to bring modern appeal while contributing to the comfort that you feel while bathing.  

Style and comfort with luxury brands from Prestige Bathrooms

These are only a few of the highly sought-after brands that we stock. Prestige Bathrooms supplies high-quality products from a huge range of acclaimed brands.

For more information about how we can help you to make your dream bathroom a reality, simply get in touch with the friendly and professional Prestige Bathrooms team today. 




Add some Scandinavian style to your home with VOLA bathroom accessories

Choosing the right accessories for your bathroom can bring its interior to life and provide that modern or traditional look that you crave, whilst also adding accents of colour to draw the eye.

However, it's important to take great care in selecting a brand. If you choose a substandard bathroom accessories manufacturer, you risk compromising on the quality and finish of your bathroom.

If there is one brand that rises above almost all of the others in offering unique and contemporary bathroom accessories, it is undoubtedly, VOLA.

Quality on which you can depend

VOLA bathroom accessories are of the very highest order in terms of both design and manufacturing quality. VOLA’s taps are made from a mixture of brass and gun metal, and some components are formed out of stainless steel to enhance their durability and natural finish.

Another reason for our love of VOLA bathroom accessories is the sheer dedication that this Danish firm has to its products designed by the Architect Arne Jacobsen. VOLA’s craftsmen use a blend of traditional construction techniques and some of the latest technologies to produce bathroom accessories that are in a league of their own.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers only the best, latest and most sophisticated bathroom products on the market, and VOLA’s acclaimed accessories fit nicely into this philosophy.   

What VOLA bathroom accessories do we offer here at Prestige Bathrooms?

From contemporary showerheads and systems to visually stunning taps and top-class towel rails, we can supply them all here at Prestige Bathrooms.

VOLA has a tradition of doing things differently and offering unique designs that will bring any bathroom into the 21st century. After all, if you've invested time and money into creating the bathroom layout of your dreams, why would you compromise the look of your bathroom by choosing anything less than the best ?

Don't forget that as well as sourcing VOLA bathroom accessories, we can help you to design and install the bathroom of which you have always dreamed, so why wait any longer? Feel free to contact us or pop into our West London showrooms to take a closer look at what we have to offer. 


Dornbracht bathroom products boast sleek modern chic


Our extensive range of exquisite basin taps, showers and other bathroom accessories can bring even the dullest West London bathroom to life.

We stock a wide range of products that exude charm and striking aesthetics, and the Dornbracht range is no exception to this. Prestige Bathrooms supplies Dornbracht basin taps, bath fillers and showers, as well as a wide variety of accessories to bring true style to your bathroom.

Choose Dornbracht basin taps for lustrous modern appeal

Our Dornbracht basin taps sport various slick shapes and designs to ensure you find the taps to suit your bathroom's look. Designs range from striking angular deck-mounted models and subtle curving mixers, through to straight hand set designs for easy washing. 

These fixtures come with a striking chrome finish, together with many other colours, showcasing an unashamedly modern appearance. The finishes have great durability, lasting for years retaining that ‘as new’ look for many years.

Dornbracht taps possess great functionality while retaining their stylish look, meaning that you don't need to choose between function or design. Dornbracht taps allow for unrestricted flow, fixed and free-moving spouts and easy diversion between bath and shower water flow.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we have several Dornbracht displays showing the diversity of their products ,taps that are free-standing, wall and deck-mounted, and all of which we are happy to install in your bathroom. 

Prestige Bathrooms can bring Dornbracht flair to your bathroom

If the Dornbracht range has intrigued you, get in touch with Prestige Bathrooms. Not only can we provide you with useful information about every single fixture we supply, we can also offer you the complete bespoke service to ensure that your final bathroom perfectly fits your needs.

We provide an all-encompassing consultation service and even installation for certain items when required.

We're dedicated to helping you to create the West London bathroom of which you have always dreamed, and with Dornbracht and the many other prestigious and luxurious brands that we supply, we can create a stunning contemporary aesthetic for your bathroom.

Feel free to contact us at any time via phone or email, or visit our impressive showrooms at Medway Parade, Perivale, Middlesex to see our stock first-hand.


Duravit bathroom products incorporate the most impressive technology

For some West London householders, bathroom furniture is just bathroom furniture – but for others, only the very best will do.

While, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we select the very best quality, there is one brand in our stock that is especially committed to the highest levels of technological sophistication, it is surely Duravit.

Here are some of the ways in which this long-established brand brings the most impressive new technology into your West London bathroom.

Darling New C-Bonded

Duravit has described its Darling New range as “the bathroom series for individualists”, and we would struggle to disagree with them.

Duravit has developed a radical technical solution specifically for this new range, bonding the washbasin to the vanity unit in a way that creates the impression of a single, seamless unit.

Rimless flushing technology

Duravit is also committed to giving you the best possible flushing action in your new toilet, and has developed highly innovative Rimless flushing technology to this end.

Duravit toilets that incorporate this technology have a rim with an open design, with water flowing in the form of a horizontal arc, then vertically, before flushing the bowl's entire inner surface without any splashing.

Gorgeous illumination

A bathroom mirror is never just a bathroom mirror when it's from Duravit. The brand's mirrors have been designed to offer beautiful illumination, with three variants to choose from: top-edge single light field, dual light fields at the sides, or indirect ambient light on all four sides.

You can also invest in Duravit mirror cabinets that feature an integrated sound system working via Bluetooth music streaming and producing a soft, yet rich sound.

Turn to us for the most technologically sophisticated bathroom 

The above are just some of the technologies that Duravit incorporates into its bathroom products, which you can purchase from Prestige Bathrooms. The brand is committed to the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture, sanitaryware and accessories that are perfectly suited to a 21st century bathroom. Several products have been produced in collaboration with notable designer, Philippe Starck, noted for his contemporary designs.

Meanwhile, our own services include not just the sale of the best-quality and well-priced bathroom products, but also design and installation where required, so why not contact the Prestige Bathrooms team today or visit our West London showrooms to discover the latest Duravit products for yourself? 


Villeroy & Boch's Subway range offers the perfect products for smaller bathrooms

Even if you are not lucky enough to own a bathroom with plenty of space, there are still many bathroom products on the market that can really bring your bathroom to life and give it that light, airy and contemporary feel that so many West London homeowners crave.

If you are inexperienced in choosing bathroom designs, it can seem quite daunting to examine and choose the products that best suit your own home's requirements. After all, there are so many products out there that will supposedly add a modern, clean touch to your bathroom, that it can be difficult to know which brands to trust.

This is why, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we only stock products from the world's finest brands - so you'll know that, whatever bathroom set you choose, it will exceed your expectations.

Villeroy & Boch's Subway 2.0 Collection makes the most of your bathroom space

Owners of small bathrooms throughout West London will tell you that it's so important to maximise every inch of space available to you. One brand that we recommend highly for fulfilling this condition here at Prestige Bathrooms is Villeroy & Boch, with its Subway 2.0 Collection especially impressing.

We are proud to offer this highly respected brand's stunning range of bathroom furniture. Each piece boasts a contemporary, clean and crisp design with a minimalist colour scheme and striking, angular edges.

It's these simple lines and colour schemes that help to create that all-important sense of space. A carefully thought-out colour combination ensures that all of your bathroom products blend seamlessly together - creating a light, airy and less imposing look.

Add a splash of colour for maximum impact

There's no doubt that maintaining a consistent colour scheme throughout your bathroom will help to add the illusion of space to even the smallest of bathrooms, but it is also recommended that you bring some colour into the mix to give your room a focal point.

A Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 cabinet could be just the feature to satisfy this requirement. The white basin is supported by a stunning grey or black unit, creating a beautiful, ultra-modern contrast.

If you would like help to choose the right products from the Villeroy and Boch Subway furniture range or that of any other manufacturer for your West London home, simply contact our professionals here at Prestige Bathrooms. We will be delighted to assist you in finding a solution that works for you, so that you can feel truly proud of your new bathroom. 


How do Villeroy & Boch and Prestige Bathrooms go the extra mile when it comes to improving your bathroom?

When a West London homeowner looks to improve their bathroom in some shape or form, they will have a great deal to think about, including which products to buy, where to position them in their bathroom and how to install the products.

After all, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, so every aspect of yours must be perfect.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to minimise your stress and workload when you are looking to enhance your existing bathroom or have an entirely new one installed. Central to this is our supply of bathroom furniture products of the highest calibre, including baths, basins and sanitaryware from Villeroy & Boch, as well as other brands.

Only the finest will do for your bathroom

On average, a human spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom, which we believe is why you should only accept the very finest bathroom furniture and sanitaryware for yours.

Whatever items you require - perhaps a new vanity unit, toilet or whirlpool bath, to give just some suggestions - Villeroy & Boch takes pride in only producing items of the utmost quality, durability and innovation.

A helping hand when you need it most

There are so many anxieties that you can have when you are looking to invest in a whole new bathroom. You may be struggling to choose the right Villeroy & Boch furniture for your specific needs, or there may be issues with the more intricate planning aspects of your new dream bathroom.

Both Villeroy & Boch and Prestige Bathrooms offer a comprehensive bathroom planning service – as an online tool and showroom-based service respectively. Both allow you to benefit from expert advice with regard to which products you should choose and where you should place them in your bathroom, as well as in relation to more detailed features such as light fixtures and other accessories. We would be delighted to play a part in achieving your dream bathroom. Please contact us or visit our 6500 square foot showrooms in Perivale, probably the largest in West London.

For more information about the Villeroy & Boch bathrooms, basins and other furniture that we would be delighted to supply for your own West London bathroom here at Prestige Bathrooms, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.


An introduction to just some of Villeroy & Boch's greatest innovations

While, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we do not wish to play favourites with the products we stock, we do believe that Villeroy and Boch bathrooms are more than deserving of appreciation from West Londoners looking to upgrade this all-important part of their home or commercial premises.

Villeroy & Boch, after all, boasts a remarkable track record in the design and manufacture of highly innovative, yet also usable products for the bathroom - so let's start with this distinguished brand's environmentally-friendly toilets.

The most sustainable WC yet

The DirectFlush WCs of Villeroy & Boch are some of the most sustainable to have ever been made available to homeowners and business owners in West London.

Despite water consumption of only between three and 4.5 litres, this innovative flushing technology still rinses the entire bowl thoroughly. Compared to traditional WCs, DirectFlush WCs are much more efficient and hygienic. Furthermore, the rim of these attractive WCs is completely glazed, which makes them even easier and quicker to clean.

Choose a DirectFlush WC from Prestige Bathrooms, and you can expect zero compromise in quality - indeed, all of the toilets in this Villeroy & Boch range meet the strict hygiene requirements required by hospitals and busy public buildings, as well as the home.

Materials matter in the world of bathroom products

There seems to be a constant stream of innovation and inspiration when it comes to the materials used to create bathroom products, but we believe that the materials developed by Villeroy & Boch are among some of the most exciting yet.

Produced exclusively by Villeroy & Boch, Quaryl is a combination of acrylic and a natural mineral called quartz. Used for Villeroy & Boch’s baths and shower trays, this material is super-shiny, stunningly easy to clean making it exceptionally hygienic.

Even with these traits present, the material is slip-resistant – a must for baths and showers. Furthermore, Quaryl is sound-proof, which makes Villeroy & Boch’s baths and showers the ideal choice for multi-storey apartment buildings and hotels.

These are just a select few of the innovative products and features on which Villeroy & Boch has continued to build its remarkable reputation among bathroom users across West London and indeed, the world. All you have to do is contact the professional and receptive Prestige Bathrooms team to learn more about their suitability for your own domestic or commercial bathroom.  


A closer look at Villeroy and Boch’s product offerings

Villeroy and Boch is one of the most prominent brands in the bathroom industry and has never failed to deliver innovative, sustainable and stylish bathroom products to a wide range of demanding customers.

Villeroy and Boch bathrooms have long graced the homes of more discerning West Londoners, so it goes without saying that we receive many enquiries about them here at Prestige Bathrooms.

The company – which has been around for almost two centuries now – manufactures everything from tableware and tiles to kitchenware, but it's the brand's bathroom products that often especially enchant our customers. Here are the reasons why.

Bathroom essentials and much more

Villeroy and Boch designs and manufactures all of the products that you could possibly require for a stylish and functional West London bathroom.

Even the most basic sanitary ware from this highly desirable brand - including toilets, sinks and baths - is undeniably smart in appearance and innovative in function and design, thanks in large part to decades of hard-won expertise.

Even some of the most under-appreciated components of a bathroom, such as shower trays and mirrors, are given a classic new look as a result of Villeroy and Boch's diligent attention and know-how.

Items that could be considered a luxury addition to your bathroom – such as bidets, whirlpool baths and hot tubs - are also included in the current Villeroy & Boch product range, so that every element of your bathroom can be given a suitably practical and tasteful revamp.

A brand like no other

You’ll most likely be wondering why Villeroy and Boch should be your brand of choice, when so many other bathroom product manufacturers surely design and manufacture comparable items to a similar standard.

Without trying to appear too biased, we’ve struggled to find another brand with the sheer know-how that Villeroy and Boch can boast. The company has long shown an extremely impressive level of dedication to the improvement and development of its products. What's more, that effort very much shows in the finished range, which is sustainable, stylish and makes a welcome addition to most bathrooms, whatever the personal tastes of the homeowner.

Even better news is that when you order your Villeroy and Boch products through Prestige Bathrooms, you can benefit from a wealth of expertise regarding installation, maintenance and design – everything that you need to get one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams.

To find out more about Villeroy and Boch or to enquire further about their bathroom products, just get in touch - our friendly staff are available on the other end of the phone.


What makes Duravit's bathroom products so sustainable?

Although we do not wish to play favourites, there are certain bathroom product brands that have made an especially significant impact on the world of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. We stock many of these brands – including Villeroy and Boch, Gessi, Vola, Dornbracht, Hansgrohe – but it often seems to be Duravit that makes a particularly lasting impression on our customers.

So, we thought we would take a closer look at just what it is that makes Duravit's bathroom products so outstanding, with regard to one area of strength in particular – sustainability.

Taking inspiration from nature

Duravit’s foundations lie in the heart of the Black Forest, where it began as an earthenware manufacturing plant. It is because of these origins that Duravit has adopted the traits of sustainability and innovation that are vital to keeping such a part of the world alive and thriving, and implemented them into its product range.

Duravit does its utmost to ensure that everything returns to the natural production cycle wherever possible. All of the materials used to create its product range can be recycled; ceramic, acrylic, fittings, glass – can be reused in various ways.

Champions of sustainability for many years

Ceramic is a key material in Duravit’s sanitary ware. It dates back to around 8000 BC and is natural and regenerative, so it might be no surprise that Duravit uses it for the creation of toilets, basins, other sanitaryware and furniture that we stock for the benefit of West London homeowners here at Prestige Bathrooms.

To further increase sustainability, Duravit has developed its products to incorporate various innovative features. Its current product range includes toilets with some of the lowest flushing volumes around, as well as showers and baths that have been precisely designed to offer a relaxing and wellbeing-boosting experience, all while using the lowest volume of water possible.

We must stress that there are many other things that establish Duravit as a world-class bathroom product manufacturer, and that we stock many other brands of the same calibre. We suggest that you contact us to find out more information.


Discover our prestigious bathroom accessories

More often than not, it’s the smaller; more intricate details in a bathroom that really make it feel complete. These details, or accessories, also tend to serve both practical and aesthetic benefits – after all, you wouldn’t have a kitchen without a set of pots and pans, or a living room without sofa or seating. The bathroom accessories we have for you to view here at Prestige Bathrooms are no exception to this trend.

Our shower room accessories are designed only by the finest

We supply our bathroom products from a wide range of leading designers and manufacturers. Many of them work according to such core values as innovation, timelessness and sustainability, and whichever accessories you choose from our complete selection, we guarantee the highest in durability, style and practicality.

Everything you need to relax and reinvigorate

Our selection of accessories includes all of the necessities you need for a fully functioning and stylish bathroom. Products such as soap dispensers, shower baskets, toilet roll holders, towel rings, toilet brushes: all available in many finishes aside from chrome and towel rails, frequently appear in the range – and we’re sure you’ll agree that making the most of your bathroom would be difficult without these.

These accessories are designed with hygiene in mind – something of the utmost importance in the world of bathroom products - and help you to relax and rejuvenate at the end of a busy day. Many are designed so that all of your essentials – including your toothbrush, soap and shower gel – are within easy reach, while our sleek towel rails are heated for an extra cosy post-bath experience.

For unbeatable expertise and customer service, choose us

Whatever accessories you choose to adorn your bathroom with, purchasing from Prestige Bathrooms should be your preference as a West London homeowner. Alongside our 15 years' experience in the bathroom industry, we have an advantageous 25 years' experience in the construction industry, meaning we can boast technical competence as well as an eye for style.

For a bespoke, comprehensive service when it comes to the creation of your dream West London bathroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prestige Bathrooms. 


Count on Prestige Bathrooms for the bathroom of your dreams

Did you know that the average human will spend more than a year and a half of their life in their bathroom? With this in mind, we think it’s fair to say that having the perfect bathroom is a must.

However, the idea of a perfect bathroom is a different one for everyone. Each person has a different personal style, or different requirements or circumstances that are likely to influence what they desire for their own bathroom.

Whatever it is that you want or need from your ideal bathroom as a West London homeowner, Prestige Bathrooms is here to help you realise that vision and provide you with all the means necessary to make it a reality.

Here are a few reasons why we should be your first and only, port of call for anything and everything to do with bathrooms.

We offer a comprehensive service

In other words, we can assist with everything from the initial consultation, right through to offering advice on the maintenance of your new bathroom. Many bathroom companies only offer
supply of bathroom fittings, or just the installation - rarely a full service as offered by Prestige Bathrooms.

As well as stocking the latest, most innovative and most stylish bathroom products from a wide array of reputable manufacturers, we can help to design your bathroom, right down to the sanitaryware  and any other desired bathroom furniture, feature tiled walls and accessories. We can then provide and install the necessary products, and also give you any advice or assistance that you may need afterwards.

We also have experience in the construction industry

The number of bathroom products that we stock, as well as the capability of our designers, would be of limited use if we weren't also able to install such bathroom products correctly. After all, if you don't have your bathroom products fitted by suitably qualified or experienced professionals, there's no guarantee that they will work as they are intended to work, or look as good as they do in the showroom.  

Prestige Bathrooms has over 25 years' experience in the construction industry, alongside our already impressive amount of time in the bathroom sector to install these products correctly.

These, together with many other reasons, are why we highly recommend letting us work with you to make your dream West London bathroom a reality. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our high-quality bathrooms and associated services. 


Villeroy&Boch – one of the greatest bathroom product manufacturers in the world today

Prestige Bathrooms has always been privileged to display and stock products from some of the most notable brands in the world of bathrooms.

If you are searching for new sanitaryware, brassware or bathroom furniture, it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose between all of these different products from different brands for your West London home.

To assist in making your search a little easier, we’ve decided to write about one such brand and what may make it the bathroom manufacturer of your dreams.

So- what sets Villeroy and Boch bathrooms apart from the often equally desirable alternatives?

A brand with expertise stretching across centuries

Very few bathroom companies can boast the same level of experience as Villeroy&Boch. 

The brand began in 1748 and has since grown into the leading kitchen, tile, tableware and bathroom manufacturer that so many West London homeowners know and love today. It even produces the tableware that is currently used on board the world-famous Orient Express trains.

This is an excellent track record for a company that started as a father and three sons manufacturing ceramic crockery.

True innovators in the bathroom product field.

One of the several values that Villeroy&Boch is famed for is its dedication to innovation.

A material named Quaryl – a combination of acrylic and the natural mineral quartz – was developed especially for the brand for the production of its bath and shower trays. Quaryl is easy to clean, slip-resistant, sound-proof and exceptionally shiny – not many other materials offer all four qualities.

The brand also set new hygiene standards with the development of its Direct Flush system. With a much lower water consumption level than other toilets, which still manages to clean the entire interior of the bowl.

This is before one also considers Villeroy&Boch's easy-clean CeramicPlus surface, quiet-as-a-mouse Whisper whirlpoolsystem and JetPak™ II technology.

Get in touch about a Villeroy&Boch bathroom

There is, however, plenty more to discover about this supremely celebrated bathroom brand. To find out more, we recommend contacting the team at Prestige Bathrooms. Our staff members are dedicated to providing expert advice on all aspects of bathrooms.

Whichever Villeroy&Boch products are catching your eye, we’ll offer a comprehensive design and installation service that is tailored to your needs as a demanding West London homeowner. 


Why should your next toilet be a wall-mounted one?

Given that it is one of the most important pieces of sanitaryware in your bathroom, we encourage you to spend plenty of time debating and being fussy over what toilet you choose to purchase for it.

If you are looking to deviate from the norm slightly, why not take a look at wall-mounted toilets?

Wall-mounted toilets function exactly as regular toilets do, but do not have a visible cistern – they appear to be attached to the wall. However, to achieve this a WC frame is required which incorporates the cistern. These are then boxed over and tiled. The frames come in varying heights and are adjustable. The most common ones are from Geberit or Grohe.

A stylish, space-saving measure

The main benefit of choosing a wall-mounted toilet is the amount of space that can be saved. Due to the lack of external support and visible pedestal, a wall-mounted toilet is often the better choice for small bathrooms – the fact that the toilet is not sitting on the floor creates the illusion of floor space.

A wall-mounted WC also offers much more in terms of cleaning accessibility, as you have no cistern or floor support to concern yourself with.

As for aesthetic benefits, many people are impressed by seemingly floating wall-mounted toilets. The lack of a bulky cistern and support allows for clean lines that give the toilet a more stylish and less merely utilitarian appearance.  

Hang on! I’m worried about...

There are a few common misconceptions that we have come across regarding wall-mounted toilets.

Many people worry that the toilet will be unstable and fall off the wall, but the correct frame can take loads up to 400kg and we’ve never known anybody break one off the wall in all of our years as a bathroom retailer.

Although the hidden cistern may make the toilet look nightmarish to maintain, it is, in fact, the polar opposite. Wall-mounted WCs normally come with rectangular flush plates in a variety of styles and finishes that can be simply lifted off, giving you access to the concealed cistern behind.

Whatever you may have in mind for your wall-mounted toilet, you can count on Prestige Bathrooms to recommend you the product that is right for you and your West London home, install it and offer you all of the associated advice and help that you will ever need.

Simply contact Prestige Bathrooms now to take one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams.


A toilet is never 'just' a toilet, as Duravit knows well 

Duravit is a brand famed for its innovation, style and dedication to sustainability. This celebrated manufacturer of the highest quality bathroom products applies these three values to everything it produces - even what would otherwise seem a simple, everyday toilet.

But of course, a Duravit toilet isn’t just your average toilet, as West London homeowners who have one fitted in their homes by Prestige Bathrooms quickly realise and appreciate.

The most hygienic option around

All of Duravit’s toilets come with HygieneGlaze - Duravit’s very own anti-bacterial glaze. It kills around about 99.9% of germs, bringing a whole new standard to the world of bathroom hygiene.

The Duravit Rimless flushing system also ups the hygiene rating of the brand's toilets. Instead of flushing as a regular toilet does, Duravit toilets have the water flow in a horizontal, then vertical arc, before flushing the entire bowl without any splashing – thus minimising any germs that may be released into your bathroom.

As a bonus, this technology makes it much easier to clean your toilet properly, as there’s no rim for you to worry about. Even better, Duravit toilets can come coated with WonderGliss – a coating that is baked into the ceramics and that allows dirt, grime and lime scale to be flushed away easily instead of gripping to the toilet.

A greener bathroom solution

Duravit toilets are also renowned for having the lowest flushing volumes on the market. This reduction in water used to flush the toilet has an obvious positive impact on the environment – much like the rest of Duravit’s products, which all use as little water as possible.

Whatever draws you to Duravit, when you purchase your products of choice from Prestige Bathrooms, you can be sure of enhancing your West London bathroom with the very best such products available.

Bathroom expertise you can count on

We can boast over 15 years' experience in the bathroom industry, as well as more than 25 in the construction industry.

Such formidable experience, combined with our state-of-the-art design facilities in our showrooms, allows us to assist our customers with the entire bathroom installation process, from the design of your bathroom layout and the selection of products to installation, maintenance and repairs.

To find out more about Duravit products, or to learn more about Prestige Bathrooms and what we can do to help you get one step closer to your dream bathroom, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional West London team today. 


Subway - another stunning bathroom collection from Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch is famed for its production of stunning, stylish bathroom furniture and sanitaryware that doesn’t compromise on practicality or sustainability.

This prestigious brand's Subway collection is no exception. This range is just as innovative as the rest of Villeroy & Boch’s products and consists of the highest quality washbasins, toilets, bidets and bathroom furniture.

A stylish bathroom range that doesn’t skimp on sustainability

The toilets featured in the Subway collection use Villeroy & Boch’s innovative DirectFlush technology, which offers one of the lowest flushing volumes around. This, in addition to the rimless design, allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, while ensuring the highest level of hygiene.

For a bathroom that is as unique as you, look no further....

The bathroom products making up the Villeroy & Boch Subway furniture collection are characterised by their round and angular forms. As well as making it much easier to tailor your bathroom to your exact personal tastes, such a range allows you to make the most of the space in your bathroom – which makes it an ideal collection for those of you with smaller living spaces.

Villeroy & Boch Subway furniture also allows for maximum customisation. The furniture, which includes mirror cabinets, vanity units, shelves and much more, flows perfectly with the angled and rounded forms of the sanitaryware, and is available in a wide variety of colours.

The range as a whole is excellently designed, making for the perfect combination of functionality, style and innovation - all the while making only a minimal impact on the environment.

Whichever products from Villeroy & Boch’s you choose to invest in and if you are a West London homeowner with the highest expectations from your chosen bathroom furniture, you should always purchase them from Prestige Bathrooms.

One of the most experienced bathroom specialists in West London

We think it’s a fair label to place on ourselves – we have over 25 years' experience in the construction industry and over 15 in the bathroom industry.

These two factors combined mean that we can assist with the creation of your dream bathroom from start to finish, encompassing everything from the initial design right through to installation complemented with Villeroy & Boch tiles, taps and accessories: a one stop shop!

For more information on Villeroy & Boch products, including the highly desirable offerings of the Subway furniture range, get in touch with Prestige Bathrooms today. 


Come to Prestige Bathrooms for the ultimate shower enclosure 

When it comes to shower enclosures, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about them!

Of course, we offer shower enclosures in all of the most popular shapes, including square, rectangular, quadrant, offset quadrant and pentagon. But much more than that, we use our in-depth knowledge and experience to recommend exactly what kind of shower enclosure would best suit your West London bathroom.

What can you expect from one of our shower enclosures?

Right now, one of the most popular shower enclosures is the walk-in. We provide these all on one level with either a single pane of glass or a small hinged section. As walk-in enclosures have no moving parts, they also provide an aesthetically pleasing minimalistic look, and they can be made even more so when the enclosure is specified without frames.

There are also many different glass thicknesses available for our shower enclosures, from 5mm to 10mm or even 12mm in the case of our Matki enclosures. Most of our enclosures also have a factory coating to allow water to run off more easily and prevent any build-up of limescale. We would also advise cleaning the glass thoroughly with a squeegee to help avoid limescale build-up.  

Specially made, bespoke enclosures are also available if you would prefer yours to be taller or shorter than standard sourced models - for example, if you need it to be in a loft where the height is restricted. We can even offer specially cut enclosures for those with sloping ceilings!

What other features do we offer with our shower enclosures?

In terms of other features for showers, trays are available in stone, Resin stone, enamelled steel  and limestone. You can even get soft ones and, for walk-ins, trays that can be tiled.

These trays can be supplied in almost any size, including varying heights from 25mm to 100mm, although the shallower ones tend to be more popular as they are easier to step in and out of. These trays can also be provided in any of a range of colours and are relatively straightforward to cut, should you require a corner to be taken off.

We know what we are talking about

You can always trust Prestige Bathrooms when it comes to anything to do with your West London bathroom. If you are in need of a shower enclosure, rest assured that we are more than capable of providing you with a high quality service that is sure to leave you satisfied.

If all of this sounds good to you, make sure you contact us directly for more information. We really can provide you with the ultimate shower enclosure for your West London bathroom!


Why you should choose Villeroy & Boch sanitaryware for your bathroom

When West London homeowners come to remodel their bathrooms, they naturally often desire the very best available sanitaryware, bathroom furniture and tiles.

That is an instinct that we recognise and cater for with pride here at Prestige Bathrooms, through our supply and installation of the very best Villeroy & Boch bathrooms.

Villeroy & Boch is a brand with more than two centuries of distinguished history, but even more importantly, a track record of impeccable quality in the present.

A brand that you can trust

Alongside its extensive experience and commitment to quality, Villeroy & Boch is famed for such other values as innovation and sustainability in its range of exceptional bathrooms and sanitaryware.

Several Villeroy & Boch products have made waves in the world of bathroom product innovation. Be it through the hygiene-boosting DirectFlush or the invisible jets of the Ultimate Fitness massage system, Villeroy & Boch has constantly developed exciting products that have made the brand a continued eminent force in bathroom design.

Innovation is an aspect of the Villeroy & Boch brand that we adore here at Prestige Bathrooms, especially as the manufacturer also shares our love of sustainability. Villeroy & Boch has perfectly optimized its production processes to conserve resources and reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the products themselves are manufactured to be as eco-friendly as possible – for example, the Omnia GreenCalm WC is the first ever wall-mounted WC to use only 3.5 litres of water for each flush, which is 2.5 litres less than most other systems.

Get one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams

Villeroy & Boch manufactures everything you will ever need to create the bathroom of your dreams - from toilets, sinks and baths to bidets, bathroom furniture, whirlpool baths and steam cabinets. Whatever products you require for your bathroom, when they bear the Villeroy & Boch name, you can be sure that they will serve you well for years to come.

Purchase your Villeroy & Boch products from Prestige Bathrooms, and you will also benefit from our world-class customer service and dedication to the most competitive pricing.

Our showrooms are equipped with the latest in bathroom design software – which, alongside our friendly team, helps you to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Given our stellar track record of customer service, 20 years' experience in the bathroom industry and over 25 years in the construction industry, why would you want to shop elsewhere?

Feel free to contact Prestige Bathrooms today for more information on Villeroy & Boch products and other product ranges or visit our 5 showrooms, including a dedicated tile showroom, which are perfectly located for West London householders. 


Quality bathroom installation services courtesy of Prestige Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, which is why so many West Londoners try their hardest to get theirs looking as good as it possibly can. There's absolutely no shame in this and you deserve to have the best when it comes to your own bathroom interior, so you shouldn't hesitate to look around for the best company - and people - for the job.

When it comes to bathroom installation services, you want to be sure of satisfaction with the end result. That's why, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we place such a strong emphasis on getting the right team of qualified and experienced professionals together. After all, isn't it vital that you trust the people who are going to be in your house and installing something that you are going to be seeing and using every day?

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the very highest quality bathroom installation services. We keep our skills and qualifications up-to-date, so there should be no worries about us not understanding any of your queries or requests. Instead, we can assure you that we will work our hardest to give you the bathroom of your dreams, making use of the highest quality bathroom products from the most reputable brands.

Are you looking for a specialist in bathrooms in West London that takes your personal fears and feelings into consideration? Well, rest assured that we most certainly do take the opinions of our customers on board. This is why we even offer an in-house facility that can produce drawings with the help of computer-aided design to give you a fuller idea of what we intend to do to your bathroom.

We are a family-run business and not some faceless corporate business that will try to take as much money from you as possible. We wish to install the best bathroom and accompanying fixtures that we can and for you to be nothing less than absolutely happy with the final result.

Bathroom installation services are the heart of our business here at Prestige Bathrooms and we would love you to be our next customer. If you are in the market for the highest quality bathroom, feel free to check out our services page and then contact us to get you one step closer to your perfect bathroom.


Prestige Bathrooms, for all your bathroom needs in West London 

Searching for bathrooms across West London can be tiresome. You could easily incur significant time and travel costs simply browsing one showroom to the next, shopping around seemingly without end.   

Thankfully, if you are one of the many people searching for a new bathroom, your search is over, for here at Prestige Bathrooms, we proudly stock a wide array of bathroom products from some of the world’s leading brands.

Names that you can trust

We would never stock products from a brand that we didn’t think lived up to the very highest standards of discerning homeowners in West London.

One of the many brands that we supply is Villeroy & Boch. Given this brand's 250 years' experience in the ceramics industry, we think it can be safely described as one that can be relied on.

The presence within our product range of the offerings of Villeroy & Boch, together with those of such other notable manufacturers as Bette, Crosswater, Kaldewei, Hansgrohe and Duravit, makes for an industry-leading choice of brands here at Prestige Bathrooms, each one of them reliable and well made.

Everything you’ll ever need for your dream bathroom

One of the standout features of our service here at Prestige Bathrooms is our ability to stock every item that you could ever need to make your dream bathroom a reality.

From baths, showers, basins and brassware to radiators, tiles, accessories and even a wide array of wellness equipment, our range is of a breadth and depth to save you the hassle of shopping anywhere else for your bathroom needs.

More than just a bathroom supplier

In addition to our considerable experience in the bathroom industry, we also have over 25 years' experience in the construction industry.

This allows us to do something that many other bathroom suppliers in West London can’t - advise you on any installation procedures that you may have queries about. We can also carry out the installation process if required, along with any electrical work, decorating and even underfloor heating.

We also pride ourselves on our design capabilities. Our showrooms have the facilities to produce CAD drawings to give our customers a visual impression of their ideas – a major step in making their bathroom ideas come to life.

To find out more about what we do and the complete range of services that we provide, why not visit our West London showrooms? Alternatively, directly contact our friendly and helpful team today for more information.


Design the bespoke bathroom of your dreams with Duravit

It can be easy to plan your dream bathroom in your head, but making it a reality can often prove difficult for many West London homeowners.

It could be that you can’t find the exact furniture you’re after, that you’ve gone over budget or that you are only interested in one unique piece of a bathroom set that must be purchased together.

Thankfully, Duravit can solve all of these problems. Our products from this brand can help you to create a bespoke bathroom, designed to your exact requirements.

Get designing at the click of a button

Thanks to Duravit’s online bathroom planner, designing your dream bathroom is a breeze. All you have to do is draw the shape of your bathroom, add room elements and select sanitaryware and furniture, all on an easy to use interface. Alternatively, let us take the burden and produce some fabulous CAD designs for you.

It’s all about ME, ME, ME

Duravit is a huge believer in homeowners embracing their own individual style. Thanks to Phillipe Starck’s ME range, you can customise your bathroom precisely to your tastes, right down to the toilet seats, pedestals and cisterns.

A world of products to choose from

What good would it do to talk about individuality if the actual products that Duravit offers didn't cater for everyone’s tastes? Duravit has a multitude of product ranges and designs, which makes it highly unlikely that there won’t be something to please you.

If you are still feeling a bit stuck for inspiration (and we don’t blame you, with so many products to choose from), the Duravit website offers plenty.

From the company's origins in the Black Forest nearly 200 years ago, Duravit has quickly become one of the most innovative, eco-friendly and trusted bathroom manufacturers worldwide.

Having originated in such an area of natural beauty, Duravit is well aware of the importance of protecting the environment. That’s why every single Duravit product is created with energy efficiency in mind, without compromising design.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, meanwhile, we have over 25 years' experience in the bathroom construction industry and more than 15 in retail. Our team is here to help you all the way, from guiding you around our showroom to the actual installation process.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today, for expert advice and guidance.


Duravit - loved in London and other busy cities

Despite having originated deep in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, Duravit today enjoys an extremely strong following for its high quality bath tubs, showers, WCs, basins, furniture and vanity units among many a bathroom designer in London and the surrounding area - not least ourselves here at Prestige Bathrooms.

So, why are so many people in the capital choosing Duravit to kit out their bathrooms?

A wise way to unwind

Living in London can be stressful, even for the most laid-back of people. This, combined with constant trips on public transport, a lifestyle centred on convenience and speed and air pollution can all take a toll on your wellbeing.

Thankfully, a portion of Duravit’s product range is specially designed to boost wellness. From showers that treat the skin and the respiratory system, right through to saunas, steamrooms and whirlpool baths. There is a simple and stylish way to make the most of your time spent in the bathroom to make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Designing your dream bathroom couldn’t be easier

Who has the time to plan and shop around for a new bathroom nowadays? Certainly not people living in one of the busiest cities on the planet. Thankfully, Duravit has its very own innovative online bathroom planner that allows you to design your dream bathroom in any location with an Internet connection, whether you are simply 'on the go' or out for a meal.

The planning tool couldn’t be easier to use; it’s as simple as drawing the shape of your bathroom, adding the room elements and then selecting all of the sanitaryware and furniture you need.

There’s a Duravit bathroom for everyone

It can often be difficult to keep up with the latest trends when you live in a city that’s constantly evolving. Thankfully, there are so many Duravit products to choose from, from a wide array of ranges, that finding your own personal style of bathroom will be a breeze. The aforementioned online style finder, as well as a mountain of inspiration, will see you right in no time. Prestige Bathrooms will help that process.

Many of Duravit’s pieces are designed to be adaptable and timeless - good news if you like to constantly change and redesign your living space.

For more information on Duravit’s products, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team here at Prestige Bathrooms. 


The many benefits of buying Duravit bathroom products

There are few other bathroom product manufacturers that can live up to Duravit’s standards and accomplishments. Duravit bathrooms are some of the most innovative, well-designed and acclaimed in the world.

It may sound big-headed of us to make these claims, but there’s a world of evidence out there to back them up...

A century’s worth of experience...

Yes, you read that correctly. Duravit’s manufacturing plant situated in the heart of the Black Forest, Germany first started to create earthenware back in the 19th century. The brand, its knowledge and product range have been expanding and improving ever since.

More than a bathroom manufacturer...

Did you know that the average human will spend one and a half years of their life in the bathroom? What better reason is there to ensure that you are only using the most beneficial and innovative of products for your own bathroom?

One of Duravit’s main focuses is the sustainability of its products. All of the materials used to create the brand's products comply with strict ecological and economical requirements, and the team at Duravit is constantly on the hunt for materials with the lowest environmental impact possible.

We hope you won’t have to consider this any time soon, but regardless, all of Duravit’s products can also be recycled. They can be used in future Duravit products or for a range of purposes, including road construction.

The complete range of bathroom products

But Duravit products aren't just about a gentle impact on the planet, but also serve an individual’s wellbeing.

Many of Duravit’s products include elements that you would find in a top of the range spa, from a sauna that’ll fit into your home and bathtubs and pools with a stress-reducing whirlpool systems, to mirror cabinets with built-in sound systems.

Even if it’s one item that needs replacing, or whether the entire room needs a change, Duravit should be your first choice for sanitaryware, bathroom furniture and accessories.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider Duravit when giving your bathroom a makeover. For more information on Duravit and the brand's products, just contact the Prestige Bathrooms team today.


The new Duravit range designed by Philippe Starck - for individuals only

Duravit is known for its innovations in bathroom design, and Philippe Starck is known for his innovations in architectural design; so what better team could there possibly be? Sure enough, Duravit and Starck have collaborated once again to bring you an exciting new bathroom range, simply titled ME, and can be sourced from us here at Prestige Bathrooms.

A bathroom that is as individual as you are

Bored of the regular bathroom designs available on the market? ME consists of a multitude of products, all created to adapt to different style preferences. The individual design opportunities are endless. All of the products in this range are in perfect tune with each other, in order to enable maximum design flexibility.

Creating your dream bathroom is simple

The free online bathroom planner on the Duravit website makes designing your dream bathroom very easy and straightforward. After selecting the shape and size of your bathroom, you can tinker with the connections, doors and windows, also incorporating the Duravit appliances and furniture of your choice.

Duravit and Starck have created four collections for their ME range, should you have a certain style in mind. Pure, Elegant, Natural and Raw represent the ideal guidelines or inspiration for your new bathroom, while also being highly adaptable.  

From one of the world’s most renowned designers

Philippe Starck has been in the design industry since the 1980s. He is a jack of many trades, having made his name in interior, product, industrial and architectural design. Starck has worked on a wide array of products, designing everything from the late Steve Jobs’ yacht and the Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo to boutique hotels across the world.

Starck’s expertise in the design world is merged with Duravit's extensive knowledge of bathroom design for a truly exquisite range. Duravit has been a key innovator in the bathroom industry for over 200 years now, and there’s no sign of that ceasing to be the case any time soon.

With a wide array of ranges to suit every taste, Duravit’s focus never strays from one of the most important factors in bathroom design: lowering the environmental impact.

Contact Prestige Bathrooms today for more information on the Duravit Starck ME range or for any other, more general queries about how we can create the dream bathroom for your West London home.


Take a look at our stunning Duravit bathroom furniture

Duravit is one of the most iconic names in bathroom furniture. We can cater for you if you require distinctive, long-lasting, high quality Duravit bathroom furniture at the right price. There are various lacquer and wood finishes to choose from, and some truly stunning new colours have been added to the range this year. Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we can expose you to all kinds of luxurious, brilliantly distinctive and elegantly modern Duravit bathroom furniture.

The range of items on offer includes exceptional modern mirror cabinets, some of which feature Bluetooth enabling you to play music while pampering yourself or getting prepared for the day ahead. Mirror cabinet features also include lights and shaver sockets, these cabinets being a perfect match for cloakrooms as well as bathrooms. Duravit's Starck rectangular low cabinets come in a host of sizes and shapes, and you can easily be catered for if you require ceramic basins in square, circular or tri-oval form.

There are many single and two drawer options in the Duravit bathroom cabinet range. A vast host of colours and various different configurations are also available. Would you like to obtain worktops with or without cupboard units? Or are you anxious about finding bathroom furniture to suit sit-on, undermounted, counter or inset basins? Whatever your precise requirements, we can help. 

A large number of versatile bathroom furniture combinations to suit customer requirements is available, while the many different ranges and styles featured in the catalogue mean that all manner of tastes, budgets and requirements are catered for.  You can also opt for matt or gloss finishes.

Duravit itself was founded in 1817 in Germany. The company is renowned the world over for its distinctive, ambitious, functional and aesthetically-pleasing porcelain bathroom fittings, fixtures and accessories. The company has employed various innovative designers over the years, including Frank Huster, Sieger Design, Foster & Partners and Philippe Starck. Over recent years, various new product lines have appeared in the Duravit ranges.

The brand's products can now be purchased in more than 100 different countries around the world. Our showrooms have one of the largest Duravit displays in West London including the recently launched ranges.

Visit  Prestige Bathrooms if you wish to add a touch of iconic Duravit elegance to your bathroom. We have extensive knowledge of the items in the Duravit catalogue and can help you identify the right products for your needs. We can help you build a bathroom fit for the 21st century in your West London home.


Duravit basins - the best of their kind

Duravit are long-standing innovators of bathroom design, but the brand is especially acclaimed for its basins - which helps to explain why, when West London homeowners approach us about their requirements for a new bathroom, we are all too happy to recommend them.

What is it about the Duravit brand?

Despite having operated for almost 200 years, Duravit still manages to be continuously innovative in what it does.

The company is based where it was founded in Hornberg, Germany. With its main design centre situated in the Black Forest, Duravit is well aware of the importance of lowering the environmental impact of its products. Its full range of products uses as little water as possible, while in no way compromising functionality.  

Duravit is renowned for the quality of its German-made sanitaryware, and has been rewarded for this with several international design awards. It should not therefore surprise you that Duravit basins are both aesthetically pleasing and supremely functional.

Duravit believes that it can offer a product for everyone, from the 1930 Series (a nostalgic yet modern collection of products) and the Bathroom_Foster range (a sleek and contemporary collection designed by world famous architect Norman Foster), to their newest range, The Spirit of Cape Cod. The latter was designed by the infamous Philippe Starck, and aims to eliminate all barriers between the indoor and outdoor environments.

Why buy Duravit basins?

Duravit basins start from as little as £70 for the D-Code range. With the inspirations for the designs being as varied as the designers themselves (the Scola range, for example, beginning its career in the classroom), there’s bound to be the perfect basin for your bathroom in the range.

The full current range encompasses:

  • Furniture basins
  • Cloakroom basins
  • Counter-top basins
  • Inset basins
  • Undermounted basins
  • Single bowls with pedestal or semi-pedestal
  • Double bowls for two people to use simultaneously

Sizes vary from small cloakroom basins to those measuring a massive 120cm. Shapes also vary, from circular and square to triangular.

Basins from Duravit can be purchased without tapholes for use with wall mounted taps, and are also available with one taphole for basin mixers or three tapholes for a more traditional look.

Why buy with Prestige Bathrooms?

Prestige Bathrooms offers more than a showroom full of amazing bathroom products. That's because our West London-based showroom also offers the latest in bathroom design software, which can easily make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Our friendly team can also offer advice on installation and maintenance, or we can install your new bathroom ourselves if you so desire. We are also experienced in other trades associated with bathroom fitting, including electrical and plumbing work, underfloor heating, bespoke joinery and decorating.

With 20 years experience in the bathroom industry and 25 in the construction industry, you can count on Prestige Bathrooms.


Duravit and Philippe Starck make the perfect partnership 

One of the greatest names in 21st century bathroom furniture and accessories, Duravit, has teamed up with one of the greatest names in 21st century design, Philippe Starck, to create various contemporary bathroom fittings and brassware.

As you would expect, the results are truly sleek and stunning, in addition to being available for enjoyment by all of those who shop for bathroom furniture and accessories here at Prestige Bathrooms.

A little bit of history...

The world renowned Philippe Starck has more than made his name since the early 1980s in the worlds of interior, product, industrial and architectural design, having worked on a wide array of projects, from the late Steve Jobs' Venus super yacht and the Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo, to the Alessi Juicer and Boutique hotels.

Starck now possesses a formidable track record in the design world going back more than 45 years - and indeed, he has also enjoyed a long association with Duravit. His first range with the brand was launched over 20 years ago, Duravit Starck 1 consisting of a range of basins, furniture and toilets, all with coordinating brassware. This range, made by Hansgrohe Axor, was inspired by basic bathroom items such as buckets, tubs and washbowls.

The Starck 2 and 3 ranges followed, to equally positive reviews. Starck 1 is often considered to be a classic in innovative bathroom design, and is still available to this day, a testament to the long-lasting quality of Duravit products. A hit with consumers, architects and designers, the Starck barrel vanity unit has particularly stood the test of time.

...leading to a glorious present

Unsurprisingly, then, Duravit is delighted to have collaborated with Starck once again. The most recent series, ME by Starck, is a timeless range that won’t break the bank. An assortment of sanitaryware and furniture, available in wood and lacquer finishes, will appeal to nearly all tastes.

Also available is the Cape Cod range. Inspired by the beaches of New England - think crystal-clear water and untamed nature - Starck created a range that aims to eliminate the barriers between the indoor and outdoor worlds. Solid wood and warm ceramics make for one of his most eye-catching ranges yet.

Featuring large, comfortable and freestanding baths and floor-standing vanity units, the range is rejuvenating and refreshing. Duravit stocks a wide range of products designed by Starck, and the latest range has all of the markings of the most formidable and desirable one yet.

Why shop with Prestige Bathrooms?

Based in West London, Prestige Bathrooms has five showrooms displaying the finest bathroom ranges. Our experienced, friendly team is happy to offer you advice on our products, as well as on design and installation.

We even offer highly innovative bathroom design software to help make your bathroom dreams a reality. We cater to bathrooms of all sizes, so if in doubt, simply contact us about how we can assist you in assembling your dream bathroom. 


Superb quality Duravit bathrooms in West London  

As a homeowner in the West London area with an interest in improving your bathroom, you will naturally only want the very best products - and they really don't come any better quality than those of our renowned Duravit range here at Prestige Bathrooms.

The Duravit Design Centre is still based in Hornberg, Germany, where Duravit first originated in 1817. Nearly 200 years later, Duravit is now an international brand with several international design awards.

Duravit is renowned for its cutting edge design. Although the ranges are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, the practicality of the products is not compromised. In the Black Forest, where Duravit is based, the environment is another key priority, and with this in mind, the items in the ranges are designed to save as much water as possible.

Duravit has worked with an array of world-renowned designers and architects over the years. The Design Centre itself was designed by Phillippe Starck, who also had input into the range of Duravit products, alongside such other designers as Norman Foster, Matteo Thun, Eoos and Sieger Design.

We display a wide variety of Duravit products here at Prestige Bathrooms, from wall-hung basins, saunas and bath tubs to hot tubs, steam rooms and mirror cabinets with a Bluetooth facility, the latter allowing you to listen to your own music from your smartphone or other device.

Perhaps you are in the market for a close coupled WC or SensoWash toilet? They are all available from our comprehensive Duravit range, and you shouldn't forget that our Starcke ranges are complemented with brassware from Hansgrohe for a perfectly coordinated look.

Duravit furniture products are available in different wood or lacquer finishes, and with choices encompassing every option from American Cherry Tree and Red High Gloss to Basalt Matt and Pine Silver, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Even black sanitary ware is available.

You can also select from various furniture designs, encompassing sit-on basins, inset basins, undermounted basins or recessed basins, and you even have the option of Wondergliss coating, which helps to keep the ceramics smooth, attractive and easy to clean.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we have more than 15 years' experience in the supply of bathrooms, as well as over 25 in the construction industry. Based in West London, our extensive showrooms are equipped with the latest bathroom design software. In short, our goal is to make your dream bathroom a reality!

We can even offer advice on installation and maintenance.  Should an installation be required, our teams can help! They can also carry out any and all of the other trades associated with the bathroom fitting, including electrical work, underfloor heating and any decorating.

Seen something you like? Contact us for more information right here at Prestige Bathrooms, or better still visit our 6 showrooms to see for yourself and be inspired by our fabulous displays spread over 5000 square feet.


Get inspired by Villeroy & Boch

Prestige Bathrooms is one of the UK's most reputable suppliers and installers of Villeroy & Boch bathroom products. Villeroy & Boch was established way back in 1748 by Francois Boch and his three sons in Lorraine, France. The brand is synonymous with timeless elegance and is often the first port of call for homeowners wishing to make exquisite improvements to their bathrooms.

The company has long been associated with the aesthetically stunning bathrooms of innovative design and exceptional quality - and when you are seeking a leading source of Villeroy & Boch bathrooms, there really is no need to look any further than Prestige Bathrooms.

Products that Villeroy & Boch is famous for include sanitary ware such as water closets, basins and baths, and wellness products including saunas, hot tubs and whirpool baths.

The Villeroy & Boch team continues to innovate through its production of designs beloved of architects, designers and consumers across the world, including many products for kitchens and dining areas.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we regularly supply hotels and restaurants with classic yet modern Villeroy & Boch products, which are renowned not only for their visual elegance, but also their unashamed functionality. Villeroy & Boch has maintained its reputation for the best of both characteristics since its foundation more than 250 years ago.

We are proud to be one of the most trusted suppliers of Villeroy & Boch products in the UK. We have 25 years of history behind us and have the experience, expertise and resources needed to be your one-stop shop for Villeroy & Boch products. You can contact us at any time if you require assistance with identifying the right products for your needs. The bespoke services offered by Prestige Bathrooms are designed to ensure that all of your requirements for a bathroom are perfectly catered for. 

We know our catalogue inside out and have the diversity needed to cater for a wealth of tastes, requirements and preferences. Prestige Bathrooms can be found on a range of leading social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and you can get in touch with us via the website. Why not drop us a line today to learn more about our wide range of elegant Villeroy & Boch products? 


Trust us as a source of first-class shower room accessories

If you need to obtain top quality shower room accessories from a leading supplier, take a look at Prestige Bathrooms. Our customer network is growing all the time, thanks to our high quality shower room accessories such as our toilet roll holders, toilet brushes and robe hooks, which you can buy as single products, as a double pack or set of four. Also attracting more and more customers are our soap dispensers, laundry baskets and waste bins. You can even integrate our Vola waste bins into bathroom furniture.

We have also become renowned for the quality of our towel holders. These come in stainless steel, brushed chrome, polished nickel and bronze and you can opt for towel rails or hooks. Colours including red, yellow, black and many more, either in a matt or polished finish.

You can contact us at any time if you have any queries about our vast range of products. Our sales team know our catalogue inside out and is always on hand to provide you with the first-class information that you require.

Our shower baskets are available as singles or doubles, with our wire baskets usually being placed into the corner of a bathroom to accommodate items like soap bars and shampoo bottles. While our corner baskets are popular, you can also purchase straight baskets, which can come with an integrated squeegee enabling you to wipe the shower glass with ease and keep the enclosures looking pristine.

We run five luxury showrooms, each of which is renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Having been in the business for 15 years, we are fully equipped to deliver the exemplary service that you have been looking for, tailored directly to your needs. With a passion for helping people to create highly desirable bathrooms that are perfect for unwinding in at the end of a long day, we can be counted on to go the extra mile to provide the quality that you require.

Talk to us today to learn more about our sought-after bathroom accessories that are sure to make your bathroom one of the must-visit destinations within your West London home.                                         


Why we are a leading luxury baths supplier

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we can cater for you if you need to enlist the services of a leading luxury baths supplier. We offer a range of options to help you obtain a bespoke bath that speaks volumes about your taste and that will provide you with years of trouble-free use. You can get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions about how we can provide you with the bath of your dreams.

The whole point of a luxury bath is that it is very much designed and built around your exact requirements, so what are your options when ordering one from Prestige Bathrooms? Well, you may opt for what is considered to be the most luxurious type of bath - a free-standing one. Such a bath can be made from limestone, marble, quartz or steel and there are also many different colours available, making it possible to make your bath truly unique.

You can opt for a quartz, marble or limestone surround if you wish, and we can even co-ordinate it with basins to match. An array of size options is available, ranging from 1400mm to two metres long. Or why not choose a double-ended bath so two people can share it at once?

Also on offer on our luxury baths are electric controls, whirlpools, air jets and chromatherapy lights. You can even go tapless if you like, with a bath that is filled from the overflow. Floor and wall-mounted taps are available, and you can even opt for classic cast iron with detailed cast iron feet. Whether you want to go contemporary or classic with the design of your luxury bath, the choice is yours.

Why not talk to us about the range of painted and metal finishes that we offer, including copper and aluminium? Even wooden baths, such as teak, can be specified. We are here to make your dreams come true and give you the high-end bath that you have always wanted to add value to your home and make your bathroom a more opulent place to be. 

We have 25 years of experience to draw upon and can use our vast knowledge to help you come to an informed decision about what kind of luxury bath you require. We offer a complete design and consultation service and pride ourselves on our high quality bespoke services.

Choose Prestige Bathrooms and you are assured of the highest standard of advice, guidance and support from a leading luxury bath supplier. 


An industry-leading range of designer radiators 

Once upon a time, designer radiators were exactly as exclusive as the term suggests - items that were only matched in their prestige and style by their cost. Today, though, it is possible for even the homeowner of the most modest means to kit out not only their bathroom, but also every other space of their home with highly efficient - and also visually impressive - radiators, and we are very much at the forefront of this here at Prestige Bathrooms.

One look at our online selection of designer radiators should be sufficient to confirm the astonishing breadth of styles, sizes and finishes that we can offer in this important product category. These range from chic Bisque Classic Radiators in various colours to suit their surroundings, to the much more unashamedly contemporary Zehnder Yucca Asymmetric Towel Rail and Zehnder Yucca Radiator Valves - and so many more appealing options of a both traditional and modern aesthetic.

When you find yourself making a decision on the designer radiators yourself, please explore our range online, or instead visit our West London showrooms to witness them 'in the flesh' prior to committing. You can also select from a vast range of materials and finishes encompassing chrome, glass, stone and stainless steel, together with many different colours. Bear in mind that our aluminium radiators have a higher output, enabling a smaller radiator to be used.

Whatever the nature of your bathroom or wider home, you'll struggle to find a range of designer radiators that better caters for all of your practical and aesthetic needs. We have radiators available in both horizontal and vertical forms, which makes them easier to incorporate into all manner of different interior design concepts. Don't forget, too, that while our more outlandish models have plenty of admirers, so too do our more classically traditional radiators, which can be wall hung or floor mounted.

Are you unsure which style of designer radiator would be the right fit for your own home? Perhaps there are technical details or material characteristics that you would like to learn more about before making your decision? Whatever your query, please feel free to ask our friendly and knowledgeable team. Remember that we are also able to supply the pipework and valves that are the right match to your radiator, which simply helps to make us an even more complete supplier of designer radiators of the highest quality and most competitive price. 


Choosing the taps that would best suit your bathroom

As our website makes clear, here at Prestige Bathrooms, we are specialists in all of the essential bathroom fittings, from basins and toilets to radiators, tiles and the baths themselves. As you might expect, we also stock an extensive range of both traditional and modern tap fittings - so what do you need to know to make sure you select the right taps for your own bathroom?

If you have been making use of fairly plain bathroom taps so far, you might be shocked by the profound difference that a sparkling new set of taps could make. That's even more the case when you purchase taps that actually fit in with the grander scheme of your bathroom and property. For example, if you are living in a more recently-built, utilitarian-looking flat, you might want to invest in more contemporary-looking taps, epitomised by clean lines on the outside and the latest technologies within.

Alternatively, of course, you may be residing in more of a historic property - perhaps a Georgian or Victorian street house, as we know is the case for many of our West London customers. It is to these customers that we often recommend more time-honoured styles, rooted in classic design principles and potentially incorporating ornate, sweeping curves, available in various colours and stunning finishes such as polished nickel or bronze.

But naturally, every property is different, so we are happy to give tailored advice and would never attempt to force-sell a product that you simply don't think is a good match to your bathroom and what you desire for it. Indeed, it is the bespoke nature of our service that has done so much to give us our current formidable industry reputation, our dedicated and knowledgeable team knowing how to find the right tap fittings for any budget and set of practical needs.

Tap technology and design has advanced considerably in recent years, so even if it's a more traditional style that you desire, you can find taps that embody a period look while being built to last and work well in a 21st century bathroom. If, meanwhile, your idea of modern tap fittings involves them actually looking modern, you will be similarly delighted by the vast range of weird, wonderful and innovative options that we stock.

We would recommend a visit to our showrooms to view our extensive tap ranges in person at our West London showrooms - the images on our website simply being there to give you a flavour of what we can offer. Get in touch with Prestige Bathrooms today if you want your taps to exude the ultimate in prestige, quality and so much more. 


Three benefits of bathroom remodelling 

Remodelling any room in the house might not be an idea that immediately appeals, and the bathroom is no exception. After all, this room is used throughout the day by everyone in your home, so having it out of service can be frustrating.

However, there are a number of compelling reasons why you should take the opportunity to look at some bathroom supplies online and install a few that will work in your home.

1. You can splash out

Many people simply redo their bathroom when they move into a property, and then leave it at that. That’s fine, but your finances are likely to be a little stretched when you first move in, so it’s hard to indulge yourself when it comes to bathroom fixtures and features.

Remodelling a room once you have been living in the property for some time probably means you can add some luxurious upgrades. Fancy a rainfall showerhead or a whirlpool bath? There’s never been a better time.

2. You can add value

Remodelling will always cost money, but homeowners should view the project more as an investment. Along with kitchens, bathrooms are usually the fastest places in a house to begin looking dated, so a modern, well-fitted one will make your property shine when it becomes time to sell.

Premium features and up to date decorations are always attractive; these are things that prospective buyers want, but not things that they often want to take the effort with themselves. This often means that they’re willing to pay a little more to enjoy them right away. Your remodelling project might just end up paying for itself.

3. You can save energy

Modern fixtures don’t just benefit from modern styling – they’ve also been designed to save as much energy and water as possible. If your bathroom hasn’t been remodelled recently, it’s likely that it could be running a lot more efficiently after an upgrade.

Low-flow toilets, water-saving showerheads and electric showers can all help to ensure that you aren’t wasting money each month. Again, adding these features is likely to improve the property’s value, not least as many are actually required in new-builds.

There is a wide range of bathroom supplies online, so why not enquire today about those that we have to offer here at Prestige Bathrooms? 


What to consider when picking a shower head 

If you’re considering Prestige Bathrooms for your shower head fittings, you’ll need to make sure you can find the perfect one to meet your needs. Here’s our quick list of what to keep in mind while selecting yours. 


Let’s start with the most important consideration: do you want a fixed head or a slide rail? It’s worth taking the time to ensure you make the right decision. Slide rails are great when you have small children as the position of the head is adjustable to suit different heights. On the other hand, fixed shower heads are often seen as more stylish and can be combined with a handset on a bracket for rinsing . However, you do sacrifice flexibility.

Water flow

Rainfall showerheads, such as those by Hansgrohe, are currently in vogue, and represent an easy, inexpensive way to provide your bathroom with a touch of luxury. The water also tends to cover a greater area of your body, and many people prefer the gentle stream to the thinner jets of a standard model. Of course, those standard models are adjustable – so you can quickly vary pressure – and since water doesn’t fall directly downwards they make it easier to wash your body without having to wet your hair.

Age of users

Thermostatic shower valves prevent temperature fluctuation in the event of disruption to the hot or cold water supply. These are perfect for users of all ages to prevent scalding. You can fit them in the wall ( recessed version) or outside the wall (exposed version).

Type of water

Hardness of water will affect the performance of the head. Fortunately, most manufacturers now produce heads with easy clean nozzles, where the limescale drops off simply by rubbing the nozzles with your finger.

Shower head fittings don’t often strike people as important compared to larger bathroom fixtures, but making the wrong decision can still be costly. Luckily, you now know everything necessary to avoid such a mistake.


Heated towel rails come with a number of advantages 

There's no denying that heated towel rails are becoming increasingly popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider installing one in your bathroom.

Improved hygiene

It’s easy to make the mistake of presuming that the primary purpose of a heated towel rail is keeping your towels nice and toasty for when you step out of the shower. However, that’s actually just a welcome added benefit – the central purpose of the rail is to dry, not to warm.

That means more than saying goodbye to soggy towels. The moisture that often becomes trapped in them between uses is a magnet for mould, not just in the towels themselves, but across the entire bathroom. Using a heated towel rail eliminates moisture and helps to banish mould. 

Versatile design

Heated towel rails have only recently become popular, but they’ve actually been used for some time. This helps them to fit in with any style of bathroom décor, so you should have little difficulty in finding one that suits your current bathroom.

Aside from deciding between different sizes, you will be able to select from various shapes and materials. If it's a modern look that you are after, you might consider a curved design made from chrome or stainless steel. If you want more of a period feel, however, these are also available with traditional radiator valves to match.

Added comfort

Of course, the most compelling reason to invest in a heated towel rail is the feeling of wrapping yourself up in a warm, dry towel every time you step out of the shower or bath.

Few things in the bathroom are as off-putting as removing yourself from a long, hot soak, only to find a damp towel waiting for you. Buy a heated towel rail, and you can make that sensation nothing more than a memory. It can also make your bathroom look more luxurious and upmarket, potentially adding value should you ever come to sell. This is one home improvement that could very well pay for itself.

If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom, or even if you just want to make it that little bit nicer to use, you may consider installing a heated towel rail. Just contact one of the team at Prestige Bathrooms today for more information. 


Prestige Bathrooms - your first port of call for bathrooms in West London 

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of your house. It is where you go to relax away your woes at the end of each day, or reinvigorate yourself ahead of the start of a new one. It is certainly a part of the home that you expect to feel like home and look presentable, while catering for all of your practical requirements.

This is the vision that we have of what all of the bathrooms in West London should be like. We are Prestige Bathrooms, a family-run company that was established over 15 years ago, by a parent construction company now possessing more than 25 years' experience. But above all else, we are one of the leading providers of bathroom and wellbeing products and the associated services that help to elevate your bathroom from 'OK' to 'great'.

We believe that your bathroom is somewhere where you should always want to be - a part of the home for which money is (very nearly) no object. Alternatively, you may be on a low budget and simply desire the very best bathroom for that budget. Whatever you want from your bathroom, you can achieve it with the assistance of our complete design, consultation and installation service, as well as our products including tiles, radiators, brassware, cast iron baths and more.

From the moment that you first get in touch with us, right through to the final installation, our seasoned, committed and uniquely knowledgeable team will build a close relationship with you, offering all of the advice and support that you need to ensure that your own bathroom meets your most exacting requirements. You will be astonished by your final bespoke bathroom, complete with the bath, shower, basin, radiators, tiles and other features that you selected, finished to the highest standard.

If you would like to view our bathrooms in West London for yourself before committing to making use of our products and services, you are welcome to visit our showrooms, which are easily reached from the A40, M40 and M25. Alternatively, of course, you can simply peruse our newly designed website, or get in touch with our team directly.

Don't compromise when you next need to have a bathroom fitted - choose the company that is behind some of the most impressive bathrooms in West London at every level of budget, Prestige Bathrooms. 


Interesting to read that Corgi are now to sell bathrooms online. Jumping on the bandwagon? Or serious competitor? Hope that this is not to be a repeat of the Tesco fiasco.

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