Prestige Bathroom Uncategorised TOTO WASHLETs are revolutionising bathrooms across the UK

TOTO WASHLETs are revolutionising bathrooms across the UK

TOTO WASHLETs are revolutionising bathrooms across the UK

If there is any brand of bathroom product that is the epitome of 21st-century sophistication – particularly with regard to the current emergence and popularisation of ‘clean’, minimalistic aesthetics and the most efficient operation – it surely has to be TOTO.

Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we are proud providers of TOTO WASHLETs to home and business owners across West London, and with good reason. This Japanese manufacturer may be able to trace its history back to 1917, but its refined and revolutionary bathroom products are very much up-to-date with 2017 demands and sensibilities.

What makes the TOTO WASHLET so iconic?  

 The WASHLET is TOTO’s signature product, having transformed many people’s expectations of the technology and sophistication that should be expected from bathrooms since it was first launched in 1980.

The TOTO WASHLET in the UK is much the same as the TOTO WASHLET that has long greatly enhanced hygiene standards in Japanese bathrooms, as it sports the same warm water cleansing system , drying and automatic air purification functions.

Once a West London homeowner has experienced the TOTO WASHLET, they may never think of toilets in the same way again. It works on the basis of very simple, but refined principles.

As the prospective user walks towards the toilet, an integrated sensor detects their approach. The lid then opens automatically for the user of the toilet to sit down, with the contoured seat able to be set to their preferred temperature to ensure the utmost comfort and warmth in a cold room. The deodoriser also starts automatically to gradually absorb odours.

However, it is arguably the wand jet that is this widely admired product’s defining feature, spraying any of five different types of sprays with individually adjustable water temperature and pressure. Warm water is sprayed for thorough cleansing, before the dryer is activated and – at the point the person finishes using the toilet – the deodoriser doubles its efforts to eliminate any lingering odour and the self-cleansing pan leaves the toilet spotless.

It is difficult to imagine a more complete solution for one’s bathroom, and with TOTO finally entering the European market in recent times, increasing numbers of people are expressing an interest in the TOTO WASHLET in the UK.


Source your TOTO WASHLET from the leading West London bathroom specialists

 With the TOTO WASHLET synonymous with remarkable innovation, hygiene and comfort, it doesn’t surprise us at all here at Prestige Bathrooms that so many people are enquiring to us about how they can purchase their own.

Make TOTO your choice for a bathroom product that is truly at the leading edge, installed by the experts at Prestige Bathrooms for even greater peace of mind.


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